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Kritter Services

KOMFY Pet Products™ is dedicated to making kritters and kritter owners’ lives more KOMFY.

Have questions about KOMFY Kritter™, KOMFY Katnip™, or KOMFY Katnip Pellets™, delivery options, and other questions? We’re happy to answer anything – we know how much your kritter means to you, and keeping it safe, healthy, and KOMFY is always top priority. Email us at, or call us directly at 1-562-477-8225.


KOMFY Pet Products™ is based out of Long Beach, California, and is created and operated by kritter lovers. We’re absolutely dedicated to making kritters and kritter owners’ lives more KOMFY. We offer high-quality, environmentally conscious products that are both rigorously tested and affordable. Unlike most fabric catnip toys and traditional hard plastic and soft e-collars, KOMFY Pet Products are designed and made in the USA.

How to Refill Komfy Katnip

Directions to refill KOMFY Katnip™ toy: 

  1. Remove the white cap from the KOMFY Kantip™ toy and remove the pellets.
  2. If necessary, wash the toy with mild soap and dry before refilling.
  3. Replace KOMFY Katnip Pellets.™
  4. Insert the white cap into the KOMFY Katnip™ toy. Press cap down to seal.
  5. Play and Play Again.™

WarningFor kittens and cats only. Inspect the KOMFY Katnip™ toy frequently. Ingestion of this product can cause serious injury. Contains small parts. Keep out of reach of children. If damage of any kind occurs to the KOMFY Katnip™ white cap or the cylinder, or if the white cap is lost, remove the contents and RECYCLE the KOMFY Katnip™ toy.

How to Size the KOMFY Kritter

To provide the best protection for your kritter, it is very important you choose the right KOMFY Kritter™ size.Please be sure you use a measuring tape to measure your kritter’s neck in inches to determine the correct neck size. Then place the measuring tape or ruler on side of your kritter’s head at an angle to measure the length from the base of your kritter’s neck where its collar naturally rests to the tip of its snout (nose) to determine the correct collar depth.  Once you have both measurements, look at the chart below to choose the best KOMFY Kritter™ to order.If your kritter’s collar depth is in between two sizes, it is best to choose the longer collar depth with the correct neck size to make sure your kritter’s snout (nose) does not pass the outer edge of the KOMFY Kritter™ like shown in the picture below. For example, if your kritter’s neck size is 10 inches but its neck to snout measurement is 3.5 inches, then the correct size would be a Small instead of a X-Small to make sure your kritter’s snout does not pass the edge of the KOMFY Kritter™.


NECK SIZE 8 ¾” – 10 1/8”                                                            

COLLAR DEPTH 3” (7.5 cm)


NECK SIZE 9” – 10 ¼”

COLLAR DEPTH 4” (10 cm)


NECK SIZE 10” – 12”

COLLAR DEPTH 5” (12.5 cm)


NECK SIZE 13” – 16”

COLLAR DEPTH 6” (15 cm)


NECK SIZE 13 1/8” – 16”

COLLAR DEPTH 8” (20 cm) 

Shipping Information

Most KOMFY products ordered via Standard Delivery will arrive within 10-12 business days via USPS first class mail (rural or remote areas and P. O. Boxes may take a little longer). Want it fast? 2-Day Delivery to 1 shipping address is available for an extra charge depending on when you place your order, the size of your order, and the shipping address (rural or remote areas and P. O. Boxes are not eligible for 2-Day Delivery).  There is no delivery on Sundays or holidays.  We are unable to ship to certain countries.  International shipping charges vary depending on order size, requested delivery method, and approved country destination email us for details. 

Shipping and Handling Charges for KOMFY Katnip™ and KOMFY Katnip Pellets™

Standard (10-12 Business Days)


2-Day Express Delivery 


Shipping and Handling Charges for KOMFY Kritter™

Standard (10-12 Business Days)


2-Day Express Delivery  


Exchange/Refund Policy

KOMFY Pet Products™ will gladly exchange or refund the purchase of any KOMFY product purchased through if returned within 10 days of the shipping date and if the product is returned NEW, in its original condition at the time of purchase, in the original unopened packaging with original tags attached. No exchanges or refunds will be accepted by KOMFY if the KOMFY product packaging has been altered or opened or if the KOMFY product has been used or worn.

To request an exchange or refund, return the NEW product via prepaid USPS mail to the address below within 10 days of the shipping date.

To be accepted by KOMFY your complete name and address must be included on the mailed package and you must state if you want an exchange for a similar KOMFY product or a refund. Allow 2 weeks for processing. The exchange/refund policy is subject to change, for any or no reason, in KOMFY’s sole discretion without advance notice to its Kritters.


While we make every effort to make sure all information on our website is accurate, sometimes the picture of an item, its description or even available quantities may be different online than the actual item. To keep our commitment to our Kritters to provide the best KOMFY service, we will inform you of any known discrepancies when you place your order or as quickly as possible thereafter. We reserve the right to cancel or change products or promotions at any time because of system or typographical errors, fraud or other unforeseen issues. We reserve the right to change prices on any KOMFY product on the site at any time.


KOMFY Pet Products

P.O. Box 50079

Long Beach, CA 90815