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5 Oz Packet

Komfy Katnip Toy

Play and Play Again

5 Oz Packet


5 Oz Packet


 KOMFY Katnip™ pellets are denser and less messy than traditional flaky catnip. Their decreased surface area means the scent lasts longer. It also means that in the case of a spill, clean-up is a snap compared to traditional flaky catnip. Plus, the hard pellets mean that the toy rattles, attracting more attention from feline kritters.

5 oz  package of Komfy Katnip Pellets, good for eight KOMFY Biggie toy refills, for only $9.95!

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5 Oz Packet 

A 5-ounce pouch of pellet-shaped catnip, designed to refill the KOMFY Katnip toy.™

 Can refill one Biggy up to 8 times.

"Komfy Katnip" Pellets attract most kittens and cats of all ages.