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KOMFY Kritter Collar

Komfy Kritter Collar

KOMFY Kritter Collar


KOMFY Kritter Collar

from 24.50

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KOMFY Kritter’s sturdy internal construction maintains its round shape so your kritter’s head and face rests easily against the plush fabric like a pillow. With the solid plastic internal construction, the KOMFY Kritter™ protects against licking, biting and scratching.

KOMFY Kritter™ is easy to keep clean, so you can use it over a longer period of time. KOMFY Kritter’s plush-yet-durable fabric is not only washable, but also breathable! With the KOMFY Kritter™, heat dissipates easily and keeps your kritter cool and comfortable.

See below for sizing options. 

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KOMFY Kritter™ Sizing Chart

To provide the best protection for your kritter, it is very important you choose the right KOMFY Kritter™ size.  Please be sure you use a measuring tape to measure your kritter’s neck in inches to determine the correct neck size.  Then place the measuring tape or ruler on side of your kritter’s head at an angle to measure the length from the base of your kritter’s neck where its collar naturally rests to the tip of its snout (nose) to determine the correct collar depth.  Once you have both measurements, look at the chart below to choose the best KOMFY Kritter™ to order. If your kritter’s collar depth is in between two sizes, it is best to choose the longer collar depth with the correct neck size to make sure your kritter’s snout (nose) does not pass the outer edge of the KOMFY Kritter™ like shown in the picture below.  For example, if your kritter’s neck size is 10 inches but its neck to snout measurement is 3.5 inches, then the correct size would be a Small instead of a X-Small to make sure your kritter’s snout does not pass the edge of the KOMFY Kritter™.


X-SMALL - $24.50

NECK SIZE 8 ¾” – 10 1/8”                                                             

COLLAR DEPTH 3” (7.5 cm)

Suitable for most kritters the size of Kittens, Cats, Puppies and Chihuahuas.

SMALL - $24.50

NECK SIZE 9” – 10 ¼”

COLLAR DEPTH 4” (10 cm)

Suitable for most kritters the size of Large Cats, Maltese, Chihuahuas (large and mixed) and Yorkshire Terriers.

MEDIUM - $24.50

NECK SIZE 10” – 12”

COLLAR DEPTH 5” (12.5 cm)

Suitable for most kritters the size of Boston Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, Miniature Poodles and Miniature Schnauzers.

LARGE - $29.50

NECK SIZE 13” – 16”

COLLAR DEPTH 6” (15 cm)

Suitable for most kritters the size of Beagle (small), Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, Miniature Australian Shepherd, Shetland Sheepdog and Smooth Fox Terrier.

X-LARGE - $29.50

NECK SIZE 13 1/8” – 16”

COLLAR DEPTH 8” (20 cm)

Suitable for most kritters the size of Basenjis, Beagles (large),  Brittany Spaniels,  Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers and Shiba Inus.